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Rolla, North Dakota
February 10, 2003
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Page 18 The Star February 10, Honor Mount Pleasant High School- Rolla Rolla High School second quar- ter 2002-2003 honor roll students arc: Seniors: A honor roll - Holly Anton, Kathryn Simpson, Martin Fuchs, Tonya Guderjahn Kathryn Schleisman, Brittany Mickelson, Jesse Peterson, Bridget McDougall, Cherie Bercier, Tara Banse, Lee Havig, Morgan Svingen, Brittany Leas and Patricia Sotlin; B honor roll - Malin Janson, Megan Broderick, Brandon Hendrickson, Michael Micketson, Megan Kakela, Maggie Parsh)w, Justin Berg, Marissa Wuori, Amber Guilbert, Lindell Wishart, Ashley Katz and Alissa Bercier. Juniors: A honor roll -Tatia }lardy and Madee Gaid; B honor roll - Candice Cote, Carron Cahill, Crystal Hanlan, Stephanie Bless, Adrienne St. Claire, Chad Carlson, Sasheen Peltier, Travis Worrall, Laura Odegaard, Alaina Guderjahn and Seth Vollmer. Sophomores: A honor roll - Yeisa Rojas, Sarah Simpson, Jamie Azure, Holly Bonn, Charles Lee, David Schleisman, Kelly McCIoud, Jacob Kretschmar and Cassie Waldbillig; B honor roll - Terri Bercier, Tahna Banse, Karyn Timmerman, Paige Parslow, Kelsey Leas, Stacy Crain, Ashton Halone, Britta Haberstroh, Luke Miller and Bryce Wuori. Freshman: A honor roll - Kelsey Disher, Jessica Nelson, Gina Hendrickson and David Cote; B honor roll - Caitlan Law, Brady Carlson, Danielle Guilbert, James Kelling, Jessie Allery, Lee Vandal, Robert Hallaway, Kacie Timmerman and Max Weidemann. Eighth grade: A honor roll - Ally Cahill, Elizabeth Mickelson and Casey Carlson; B honor roll - Samantha Hoerer, Janelle Disrud, Jennifer Graber, Merrilee Hallaway, Chanel Hamley, Tyler Edwards and Bethany Haberstroh. Seventh grade: A honor roll - Anna Schleisman, Michael McAtee, Jackie McDougall, Jake Joraanstad, Thomas Zinke and Aaron Mattson; B honor roll - Rebecca Good, Michael Good, Jessica Rush, Sarah Crain, Dana Albert, Andy LaFrance, Mikki Gailfus, Tyler Dziuk, Bekka Lagasse, Chad Good and Eve- Marie Gustafson. Dunseith High School Dunseith High School 2002-03 second quarter honor roll students at*c: Senior: A honor roll - Marlin AIlery, Ashley Counts, Deana Davis, Nicole Davis, Tamara Norquay, Ashley Peltier and Boyd Wilkie; B honor roll - Mitchell Christopherson, Natasha Gillis, Miranda Nielson, Moria Parisien, Brett Poitra and Jessica Poitra. Junior: A honor roll - Jesse Azure and Kayla Gillis; B honor roll - Christina Morin, Jon Nadeau, Kaela Poitra and Roberta St. Claire. Sophomore: A honor roll Nicole Cree; B honor roll - Scott Allery, Adam Bercier, Jana BirkTand, Hashim O'Grady, Amber Peltier and Jackie Poitra. Freshman: A honor 'roll - Jarrid Azure, Starlet Demery, Lindsey Ekern, Colin Vivier and Vincent Vondal; B honor roll - Amanda Burcham, Everette Flurher, Jessica Flurher, Megan Gillis, Chelsey Gunville, Amy Livingood and Wesley Azure. Eighth grade: A honor roll - Sheldon Azure, Brittany Larocque, Brittany Nadeau, Amber St. Claire and Austin St. Claire; B honor roll - Loren Gladue, Elvis Longie, Jay Marion, William Rosenberg and Violet Rosenberg. Seventh grade: A honor roll - Blake Azure, Katrina Eubank, Shawnta' Everett, Brittany Poitra and Megan Hanson. Turtle Mountain Community High School Turtle Mountain Community High School honor roll students for the second quarter of the 2002-03 school year are: Seniors - Lancelot Azure II, Bineeshi Azure, Janna Azure, Leslie Champagne, Vanessa Champagne, Raymond Dauphinais, Alicia Davis, Jackie Davis, Kylie Davis, Lyndsay Davis, Shelly Davis, Jacqueline DeCoteau, Feather DuBois, Jenny Faine, Jade Gourneau, Jeremy L. Gourneau, Angela Grant, Nicole Greco, Joni Henry, Jenna Herman, Amber Jerome, Krystal Kjorsvik, Jessica Laducer, Terrance LaVallie Jr., Angola LaVallie, Cherish LaVallie, Terry LaVallie, Amber Laverdure, Nichole Laverdure, William Martin, Jacob McCloud, Jessica McCloud, Christina Morin, Jenna Parisien, Jeri Parisien, Terry Payer, Shaina Pochant, Cole Poitra, RaeAnn Poitra, Kaylene Roussin, Francis Slater, Ashley Vallie, Kyle Zaste and Zane Zaste. Juniors - Eric Azure, Heidi Azure, Jessica Belgarde, ChiVi Bercier, Quenna Beston, Ashley Chromyj, Martina Day, Daniel L. DeCoteau, Kathleen Delorme, Lisa Falcon, Samantha Falcon, Jodi Hajicek, Wyatt Johnson, Rachel Laducer, Amanda LaFountain, Nikki LaFromLxfis, Rita Lear, Vanessa Longtree, Alana Malaterre, Gloria Marion, Clint Parisien, Wylie Pays, Michael Poitra, Sandra Sekala and Rainy Trottier. Sophomores - Dusty Azure, Sharon Belgarde, Jordan Blossom, Daniel Chase, Thomas Chromyj, Zachary Gourneau, Myrriah Grant, Durand Hamley, Evan Hamley, Loren Houle, Angel Jeanotte, Jennifer LaRocque, Christianna LaVallie, Jennifer Longtree, Laramie Lunday, Rhonda Malaterre, Jake Morin, Stacey Poitra, Terilynn Poitra, Kyle Segarra, Devin Smith, James St. Claire, Lonnie Thompson, Rossi Trottier and Sheena Vallie. Freshman -Shera Allard, Marica Allery, Nathan Allery, Lacy Azure. Shaina Azure, Robin Cogburn, Bethany Davis, Ferin Davis, Kenneth Davis, Jessica R. DeCoteau, Austin Desjarlais, Jeffrey Desjarlais, Kayla Enno, Brady Falcon, Stephen Falcon, Ashley Gourneau, Cera Grant, Craig Hall Jr., Daniel Houle, Jessica Jeanotte, James Laducer Jr., Austin LaFromboise, Ashley Laverdure, Terrance Malaterre, Samantha Marcellais, Symone Morin, Travis Morin, Devin Pays, Rock Lake School Rock Lake School 2002-2003 second quarter honor roll students are: Seniors: A honor roll - Malynda Carter, Mary Rodenbiker, Kristin Rham and Ashlee Manning; B honor roll - Ryan Swanson. Juniors: A honor roll - Heather Leas, Kinsey Oakland and Sari Thomas; B honor roll - Ann-Kristin Haneke. Sophomores: A honor roll - Aja Odegaard; B honor roll - Adam ttunt and Crystal Thomas. Freshman: A honor roll - Sara Hendrickson, Casie Martin, Joshlyn Odegaard, Racheal Oakland and Lacey Lindenberg; B honor roll - Troy Carter. Junior High: A honor roll - Luke Manning, Nicole Jacobsen and Alyson Leas; B honor roll - Shawn Carnahan and Dani Odegaard. We're the TIRE SPECIALISTS/ Always Reasonable pricesH NORTH CENTRAL TIRE Phone 477-6363 - Rolla Samantha Pedersen, Kohan Peltier, Rodrick Peltier, Ross Peltier, Annadine Rendon, Cassandra Rendon, Joseph Robison, Tracey Rtxtman, Shelly Slater, Peter Smith and Joseph Trottier. i i COTTONWOOD DENTAL CENTRE [ Dentristry for the Entire Family   We Provide: Immediate Full & Partial Dentures Fillings, Root Canals, Cleaning l' Extractions, Crowns & Bridges Emergency Dental Care l [ Altona, Manitoba, Canada I [ Located in I [ (Just Across the Canadian Border) ] I the Altona Mall I ,,''"'--l [ Dr. Lloyd J. Martens, Dentist [ [Tues.-Sat.- 9:30-5:00l( . , Li F0r an appointment, '. fir call Toll Free: 1-866-885-5906 A/lff On sports (Continued from Page 13) The punishment definitely did not fit the crime. He already had to miss one game and ] that's enobgh. This controversy spilled into the college hoop scene as people are now questioning weather or not basketball players should be paid. At first I thought this was ridiculous. Some of these guys will be making a ton of coin in the NBA just for playing a game. Now they want some money to be playing the game in college? Whatever happened to paying your dues? Granted, the institutions that these athletes play for do receive a lot of cash, reaping the benefits of their players. But that's the price to pay for being in the spotlight. Now, however, I am leaning to college players getting paid. These players spend countless hours in practice, watching game tapes and traveling along with their workload at school. It is almost impossible to hold down a job while juggling all those other responsibilities. But another question would be how much? Simple. They should not get anymore than minimum wage. Just a small amount to help the players out. Unfortunately, I don't think col- lege players will ever get any kind of stipend. If basketball players got money, then football, soccer, base- ball, track and field, etc.., would have to pay their athletes as well to be fair. And that just wouldn't be feasi- bly possible. So in the meantime, boosters will have to continue feeding play- ers money under the table. After all, new cars, fancy clothes and shiny jewelry cost a lot of money, right? Thursday, Feb. 20 1:00 p.m. ND Winter Show Valley City. 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