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May 23, 1940     Turtle Mountain Star
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May 23, 1940

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' VOLUME 51 ROLLA, NORTH DAKOTA, THURSDAY, MAY 23, 1940 NUMBER 38 John Wins County I On Tuesday Big Success Announce C0mmlttees County Baseball Gets Lake Takes His Own Life Mem0nal Day Wdl B e" County Achievement Day Harold Blessum of Island Approximately 150 people attended V 0 Brooding over ill health is believed * Track Meet Thursdav lt. .o,o to county Homemakers club For R011a Cehbratm Under Wa., ..n Sunday Blessam, 35, Observed At Dunsmth --[annual Achievement Day at St. JohnI I of Island Lake township to take his ]on Tuesday. All sessions were held[ -- I own life last Thursday morning, lie q)GE ROLL~% OUT IN CLOSE ] in the Marigold hall, and the picnic [ I,ARGE NUMBER OF PEOI'LE BE- II~ELCOURT, I)UNSEITH AND HANS- had spent some time in the Rugby AL[J DAY CE]bEBI),ATION REING lunch also was served there, insteadI ~ , ~ . hospital and had been home only a ~ , FIGHT FOR FIlleT AT Re- of the park, because of the weather. ] ING ASKED TO HELl ~ITH [ BoRe .VEIN OPENERS; NOW few weeks. PI~kNNED; OTHER COM- LETTE THUI~DAY Miss Julia E. Brekke, extension I'REPARATIONS I SIX TEAMS onIWvhi~e h:Sa~ilfe was at the barn, and MUNITY PLANS specialist in clothing, NDAC, was on- __ [ y daughter was in the _ (St. John Correspondent) l be therebecause of an auto-I An unusually large number of Rol-I Reduced to six teams, the new Re- huse,w~h him- Mr: B~essu,mh 2ht Next Thursday, Memorial Day, 1$ mobile accl(lent ~onaay evening , ...~,t t~,vu~, LII~ t~mplv WlLll ~ ~ _Winning first in the discus, broad] ........ ' I la people have been put on commit-]lette County Basel)all League opened ........... ~ .... an all-day business holiday, and var- ~'Q d NIISS l~]mlly vleeman, associate coonI I caliper rme zJeam was vehvv~a it, ~l~ and mile race an followinu un [ ~, ~ .. " .... - tees to assist in preparing and pre- a sch~dule last Sunday, and three ions activities are planned in a num- ~ith several other good plaeings'~thelty agent of t~amsey county suDstitut-lsenting Rolla's annual summer cele-[games were played, Belcourt swamp- have been instantaneous. Coroner H. ber of communities. The Dunseith ~t eo ol her on the program em t e J Douglas was calle{l aRe salt it was , John high school won the county],.., " ..... '.... I bration, July 2, 3 and 4. An att. p ] ~d Rolla at Rolla by a score of 22 to _ _ . Commercial club and city council are "~ I The pageant "The Trail Bmzer"l " , unnecessary to hold a coroner's m- ck meet at Roette last Thursda . . . , . will be made to createan all-corn- 4.Hansboro shut out St. John at making arrangements for a complete ~o Y was the hlghhght of the program and I quest as the circumstances made it r tal noints were- St John 38" Rol-I ........ /munity spirit to the end that theist. John 6 to 0 and the only close ..... prog am there. ~a ~ ' ' ~ every one o[ the nine CLODS In the/ . [ , ODVIOUS sUlClUe :, 35 . ith and Rolette ~ . . eelebratmn will be one of the best game was at Rolette, where Dunseith I In Rolla the observance will con- 2~1,~ / c unty contllbuted at leas~ one part [ in the inn,, H~t ne ........ ful oo~ohra- Idofo~toa l~lotto ~ ta 2 Hal d Ble um w s be in Rugby I sist of decoration of uravo~ of saldi,~v , Douse , 25, o -" "el ss a rn D m the pageant which honored pioneer m 1905. He came to Rol tte countyI dea b he " llnse]th took four firsts, Rolla two/ .......... I trans. I A revision of the schedule wlll_~. .... '-- --e .... .... ,~ _, ..... d y t American Legion. The moaners. WOIK, lOVe, play ann eat- ~m,u~ ~.,~, $.a.~ ~s~.~,~ w,~ ~L t " 1. Rolette two. Many of the re-/._t: ........ ~. ..... ~,~.......~..,,^.. I A new carnival outfit, the Jones[have to be made because of failure th. or---er ~-- ~,-*~- ~---~'-~- _1 egon detail will meet at the cabin ~ topped those at the dual:county[ al pageant. [ ::eate os o s Ro?k Lake and the CCC camp to Island Lake township. Surviving arei n~Hg rt" _tn~nand~p~noce2~t the -~.~ix county meet records were! ~_..,,, .......... ._.~: .... a[--~-- ,s ......... g..t a.u ,,~,~ t,~lger" in[o the league l~Olla goes to *h~ ,,,ife ,na ,h,~.~ ,,,~,,,, ~h~a.^.. ...... , ........ , .......... '" '~. }k " lll~;:~ ~.lllt~lL~ WUI~::~ ~tlti~Ldllttlll~, dIiU smallest carnival ow oil - " ~ " "" ' " " ~ .... ~~"~'~, ""'"~", Anthon's ce t i .. en and another tied. Rolla placed I ....... a ~ th~ ~ ....... ~ ...... ,~.,-I to sh in R a. [ Duusexth next Sunday. Belcourt will ,~,~ h,~,,o ~,~. ~hq ~,,,,~-~ s~-,,* ...... Y . , .me er es for these ~ites. up in most events to press St.I n, ,.h;~h ~h ..... ; ..... ~,,h~ h .... ao~, } he committee beheves ]t will pro- ]play at Rolette. This game was sche-wer,~ hm,~ ,, ~,,,.h, ~o,,,,a~, ,,;~h . . At - ary ~S cooperating by fur- in for .... fir~t h~nors.,~ Followin~ are ./'"worKin~= ............................. , vide all carnival attractions necessary .I doled for Belcour.. t but will be played "'-r'-I ............ _..~ ..~._ '~'~, ....... ~, .... n]snlng, hewers and flower girls to as- available results of the meet: [ s. ]for complete public satisfaction. ]at Role~te because the Belcourt diam- ,u ~a at r~ua,y, sist m the decoration of the graves. Discus 1 C Smith St John" 2 [ ...---~-~. ~-~. Awarding of $350 in cash prizes [(~nd is not in good condition The .~--~. The public is welcome to be present d , , ' ' ll, Omtte ~len lnvitco announced two week a o ex C ' a Piling ~eao~ine ~tturoay , the ceme erson Rolette 3 Azure, Rolla;[ M~mh~,.~ ne *he ~,~*t~ ~ ...... t . s g , is Pe t-[third game next Sunday will be St ,~,,,.n.~,, ~,, o ........ at . , teries if desired. E.M. Saunders Dunseith Distance / ............. I _d to role|- st many [or substantml! lohn at Hansboro ...... , . ~" ..y . .. ., Anuerson is chairman of the Legion . . . ' . .. " - . '/ clai (~IIlD nave ~)een lnvlle(l [o attenfll~.lms will be -ive.1 -'," .... * ---~ -^~^ l" " ~ne fleaflnne Ior riling peIi~]ons With eomm'tt~ in ehar~a af th [eet 4 inches(;~ew record ) .... . . ~ ., ~,,a~ a~ =~. ~,=.~- It ~a came r ...... L,~, , ..... ~ ..... ese cere- ~ ' - 5 .... " ~. [the droner meeting of the Rolls f om-]b~.~ ..... elf,, ......~...~,~. a. [ O~ th ough the defeat Sun- the county auditor for a place on mn ,~ aroad Jump t, ~ vmsin ~t. "a ..... , ", ",.a.c~. ""'~ .... "=- da with morale i he , In- 2 Penny Rolla" 3 La~v Ro[~m.erclal club nextMonday. T~.'o of] tails will he forthcoming on this when]..._ Y'-e ~ar Th- high, as_t y say the primary election _ba.l!o~.. C.andi- Duns~Ith Plans [ ' , , , , , ~tne numbers ell the program Will t)e ..... H~ t~- " . ~ . y t o~ t.e ter- sates must nave their petlclons In De- n e. 4 Bower St John Distance ............. ] (hstrfl)utmn of t~ckets begins through ~ ....... I-( ki .......... i ...................... Te tative plans for Dunseith s au- ntie:, 5 i~Chhr~St~::= record.)hn 2 [~et~talga:(~ 2::gs ~yNJkr~lu~;r~zIr~ofl Rlla str~.~nT(ari(Yo:nm/iTf(~s [isI~le~PaOrtan~ t~i~ng~U~d'~h;;'dt;~ IaTr~:~ba~an::;te~?in~at~o~'~tYa'nl~ ~vl~ ~arl b~e~V~cn:(~ ~)f ~t~lmril~lnsD~Y nldersl'D~sl:Rh 3?~tSmJTth 'St: the Rolla high school. [ Following is the list of committees [~tr:hTeh~t: ~dtw~ t~es ~rffsCh~nlkf law. Journal. This will be an important In. 4 'Azure, Rolla Time 5"18 ! -- las announced by the co-chairmen Of|oo "h ' " ~ ~" " ., ...a wh-" ~o -- dayin that cityandit is expected that , , . . " . ~ i t e game ~or ~etcou,~, ,,,,, " '~ the s al far ew record ) I m~ ~ m~ __ __. [ the celebratmn with a few add~t.ons/ ....................... ~ ~.~, ,~ , ~ u u ge number of Rolla pep- " ' ~LI'ICLIy ot ~em,-pru caHu~r le will be t She to be made later" p here since all activities Ex ca t~v has and R l a ted with Dick Mourn Last ~hfid 01 0s here will be over nee t Put 1, Mourn Rolla 2, C o 1 star ~lth St ~ohn" 3 Earl Rolla"4lMrs.Wm.MacRuer Dies / ~e 'e c" . c. Munro [ ' J eDh . 'by n. Pig', Rolette 'Distance '38 feet' 11[ [ Bert Bateson, co-chairman; J F.| pitching, Harold Wall catching; Jim a The exercises at the Dunseith ao " ' " ' [ |i[|*| I[* * Mott R T Fole R Jacobsen,]McD0ugall first base; H Ingebretson, _ ..... cemetery will be at 10 30 a m the h .... y, C ..... : . ., ... , .n,e ws tm In Rollai , w , . " Lemieux| short ..... n-eon R0htte Passes Awavl " illiam kel L F second- R. Vandal, third"George school children and Legion members re; 2 M Laviolette St John 3 ! ~.* |Clark ~'rea Kosscup and C. A. Green. I , , ~ ~uv s , u t ~lcooperating in the exercises 8~aith, S't John" 4, 'McI'ntyre, 'Re'[ -- [ Fin'ance and Gate Charles Sobo-/fleldi .Doug. Penny,center; Wally I It is expected that the" massed " ' ~ / lib chairman" W~rre- ~ Munro I Mitchell right lngeore~son ann ............. bands of the count will la ~e.Time 2:13. (New record). ]STRICKEN ON THURSDAY WHILEt ::::'..~'" "1"=" -' . 2=" .V 2:" ":/Va..~-1 'hel..-a ~..*,~ **.- ---~.,..- ~'~# ~h~;~'l'~ ul~ AT SEV] N-I ............ y _. _ p ya con- aavelin 1 T.o~,asse Wells" u ~ I /William MocKel, ~arota tiagen ana/ . ,,u.~ v~ -.~- ~.,= t,.t~u,u$, gert at noon, ax~er wmcn the aealca- lth s -- ohn'T- A u-'e RoUa: 4"[ ON A VISIT AT FLUMER- | C. R. Jacobsen. / while Duane and Ray Crosby and TY-THREE; FUNERAL HERE I tion of the new city hall and memor- ' "" ' ' "' ' ' 1 er toffmey saw action, i l i ri lkie St ~ohn Distance125 feet ] ~,~,~ ~,~ | Grounds---J. L. Marchand, chair-[ ,rm~mv a~ o a ~ [ a and to um will take place about t90-Yard Dash--l, Linde, Dun-] | an; L. F. Clark and Fred Darling.[ Belcourt IAneup I 1 o clock. There will be a baseball th; 2 B Vlasin St John" 3 D I ..... ~ . _ | Cash Prizes---C. A. Green, chair-[ Starting lineup for Belcourt saw. .. ~ .... [game at 2 p.m., and a dance in the ~ln, St John; 4', Strand, Rolette:] ma~nrS~IaWnm'wWel'l ~ac~ue~:~to~l~annl~r'| man; E. T. Juntunen and L. F. Clark.|Jeromeand Flahart, battery; S. Fer- in ?2:%etn~ udito,tum in the evening. ~s, 26 seconds (Ties record ) [ , ..., . ......... -| Police of Grounds Ray Jolliffe[ ris first" Eddie Ferris, second" L .......... P. ~ [ There will also be a dance in the .... ,. _ . : / cause o~ ~requent visits With relatives,/and Frant- Orosb,, / v..~,~ ~'~.~.a. ~ ~,~,.~ ~h^~,~ ~ lette, wmcn occurre~ at Jamestown IMari~old ballroo-~ ot ~t ~oh-, ~-~- ,~, ^van t 1. ~au . _, . _ }dmd last Thursday while here on a| Publtcit,, ~ ~ Mutt oh~f.m~n:|a .....~ ~.rt~ ~,~a ~h~.,,h ,~.* Saturday because he was the lastlevenin~ of Memorial Day wi~h ~,r~t -,t; Z, Fenny, ktolla; Tastaa oi l-to- v # o -'. ......, ......... , ...... , ...................o--, -.,-~- ~ o -, ....... t ............ ] lstt with her daughter, Mrs. Stanley|R T Folev and Joe Gefroh [fiela a P,~itra .rid .1 L.ndrv ~.w surviving child of Joseph Rolette |Thoma andhisPrincetoniansnlavln~ '~ an{1 urosoy OX ktOlla ties ior FI . , u ................. , ~__ , ~ _,...~,. ~a .............. [ umerfelt. A heart ailment caused] Bands --- A R Beardsley chair-[ ac*~,,~ ~o*,~ ~- +h ....... ~ ~.a.~,^ famous pioneer figure of the north-| The benefit dance anonsor~,d by Wroa "- ana Iourzn. rlelgn~ ~ leeL a h h " "ll" - -, ~,.--* ..~ ... ~,,= ~a,.~, a.u ~uu.v -~ ---. .... !hes CNew record ~ ] er death. She ad been ~n~ health[ man; H. C. Guenther and Dr. A. A.]and Sammy Ferris took their turns west, after whom Rolette county and[c" Wagner Post of Rolls and St. John ght 5 feet 4 inches (new reco d.) ' ' rri - " " P g " " ' " ~40-Vard ~tun 1, Linde, Dun-! chute, Quebec. She was m a,?2t. Decorations Mervin Julseth and/ball players with practice and coach- Thursday.mormng:May 23 at9 a.m.,{ _ _ ~th. ,.~ 1. ~..~ ~ r~,~ w~ I~'~s'~ o.~,u,~.# o,,, ~.. t~,.v~...,~...1Jas S Lewis l in~ One ,mr-ose of the lea-ue is With Durlal In the l-~Olla uatnollc/~l___ h.__ ~ _____~ ~ ~* , ~ ~rosuy axvam; o, ~,~,- --..- " ~,. t. t. ~ _ , , .. ..... t W. MacRuer. They came to Banner-/ Program R T Fole ..... r--an"/ ..... cemetery I I-IUII~ ~re ompie eo Ior .re; 4, D Vlasin, ~. jonn. Time man immediately after the marriage|` ' . y, c,a~ m ,!LO give young players a chance to _. . ...... ~ __ so~,,~ao" I . : / ~rs. W M Elliott and C A Green / learn the ~ame for the sake of future The uecease~l was peru a~ t-em~ma I I~h~.~.~ ,~te D),,~,, rt,,,, ....... ~ an v theresin The e- .. -~ o , ---~,~-~.~aa~.~. u~ XUl~l~J x~,~ 100 V~rd r~ash 1, Linde Dun-, d had li ed _ ~ce_ ~. .fl | Concesmons and Carnival--C. C.|baseball. The spirit Sunday was en- October 10, 1866. On December 27,] ,v [th; 2, Crosby, Rolls; 3, Strand 17 Y22 r'resny ]Munro and A. W. Poyzer. /tirely friendly and it did not appear 1887 he was united in marriage to] On Saturday~ M-~2y 25 the neo,qe of ~!~tte 4, D Vlasin, St John Time,[d S~R~oii!!?~ii? I ~wf~ii~ec.a~.!!e~ti!~ta~d~iil~ya~mba~ii!io~tmh~illoeltbes~br~t~e~:!h~! ; g " St John unit of the American Legion reap of Minot Boosters Winnipeg; two sons, Kenneth andLB" W. Stoughton, Dr. W L. Rothlis-/should beat Belcourt with Jerome in[ship on the Turtle Mountain reserva-[Auxillary with Mrs Joe Severoo-" ~- -- .- I troy of Bannerman" two rosters ~ars berger and Re- L "olber- ~ f ............ ~ tion later ~ ..... ~--- "~ I, ~-- ~ -- .... ' .... ' - "~ Y ~ g. / orm, althOUgh it must De aum~tteal "~ ...... , _ I poppy chairman in charge of the Will Jtle In Kolla rrloay, Fred Rosscup oz l~Olla anu ~lrs. jes-| Fireworks Karl Theel chairman.lthe~ did not do much better a~ai,,o*l na~ Many r,e~cs I,~,,~- ............ , , - ~ -o~ ~..~paru~wm. ~ars. ~everson has ap- I sic Lemon of West Lorne, Ont.; one| j L Marchand and W w Nae~eli [ th^ ~-r-~ ~-,~vw~ll~ ~,-~ ..... | Fred Rolette told many interesting[,~,~;,~,,~n ~o ~ br ho kl n .. ,~ ~ ,,~ u . u,u ~ ~ ... ~ ,~ ,, ~arsen of St John rl,~v ~v ~a is the day the Mi- other T mas Copeland of Oa a d,| " Baseball Walt Geer chairman'| fern,- r~n~ ~:'~ "~^.-=-=.'----- --" .... ]stories about his famous father, and|.V':'~_" ~ . . = ~_ .. . ..-~, ...-~ .- . , --- , , -.. - ~, ,~,.u x~ux ~uu~ w.. w~a tO take charge o[ the poppy sale In ~n,~,~ w~|l trmr reeehea ~totla Thel Cal., and two gra~lehlldren, Duane] Wes Howson and Edward Mon~eou | ~,~ hal[ ~rno |had many relics related to the life of] ............... ............. e f l ............ ~ ...... ' ~. jonn and mrs ~Ictney ~tarrls o and Dennis Flum r elt of Re la. " "Jolly Joe ' He had a picture of his ty will stay in Bottineau Thursday . -- " Belcourt will be in char e of the ht and leave there at 7:30 a.m.,[ Funeral services were held Tues-/ / [father's sleigh and dog team" a studio[ .... g ' ~e~cour~ sam [ e kfsst at[day, May 21 at 2"30 p. m., from the portrait of his father taken In 1845" ring inLD:v~Seithf~eb:l~aat 9.15 , Rolla Community church, Rev. Stuart[AAA ~ ~]~hF .~]P~ /~l~111PalFO ~lllll/tEI ~O Jand the first kerosene lamp everl.,_The poppies will be distributed by '. . . = s ........ L.-IA Parvin officiating Burial was in/aaaLga~,a~ t~a~ IJt~t /lglllm~/lo ~lil~U tJ~K, ilo Ibrou~,ht to Pembina the early family|~ae .women or tne Amemcan Legion S eeial cnarterea noses carly~.~ o , A Xlll r a sp~ ............ rofessional| the Rolla cemetery Pallbearers|_. _ I home, among other things | u .. a y. ..Each lady has a given them. and there will be some[ .... : . . | , , /to brin " "" ' 'ore Rolla the tour will go to Re-Fire Department Plans Preliminary work on the 1941 Accordingto an announcementinl,.,, These men sell them to the Auxilia 'ngrr:ti~noon t2h~relunchatmllfar'stop nRu;2yd" ToImprove Its Facilities AAA ht tg [ eg om I uany/Faculty Changes |[which fpoT~eSr tph:rmsoWiatlh:e:~nsalI iA~l~ wiU be ahead o For Next School Year e the At as ectal of the Rend f 1940, according to Oscar sponsors constitutional amendment, |contributions for the poppies ill go ~. From there the route is west voluntee~Pflre de..artngent held Men Solberg, member of the Rolette eoun- permitting the enactment of home-~ ~ ~-h~l ....~" Cur next .... r to support the rehabilitation and wel- tour v ~,,~ o~,,v,, .,~,,,~: ~ ~.~ lnot This will be a two-day'da evenin lans were made to fix ty AAA committee, stead exemption and graduated land ...... ~,~,~ , ............. ,~ ,h,: fare work of the Legion and Auxiliar Sday and Friday, and the mile-..Y ...... ~P .......... i. ...... The preliminary 1941 average tax laws and an initiated measure ?~':'"L~' :~ ~: ...... ":~:"?"~. ~:" Y"~ which means so much *^ ~-a, ..... Y co::r~d vw:]~ebe 422, with 26~rOPtUng,~iP~t:~s:i;t[ub~b~!~fe~:ans~e p:~aptrYideld~ifor the:~Tc:la:~dtOe~ C?ongiwngi:hhet::::~t~g~:f:salsua~i?n ioa~eO~h:eii:~aOtt:!~, vi~MCirC~:ce iii ~te~?:~ a~dhfamielime~ei~hf~e~hd~iq:a:i~ -- n -Spun June Weyrauch, Ella Thingvold, Mil- iary hope that all patriotic citizens io soring Dance dred Rothlisberger and Ben Schei. will Join in wearing the poppy on At Wayne'-s Inn May 29th The new teachers employed are Poppy Day. Clarence Winden of Jackson, Minn.; Kathleen Johnson of Overly; Mary Legion District Deputy lying away $20 in cash prizes will Wilson of Minneapolis, Minn.; Helen Installs Officers Here of the features at the Legion White of Minot, and Gladys Jerabek dance to be held at Wayne's of St. John. Wednesday, May 29, the night e Memorial Day. First prize be $10, second $7 and third $3. ~dvance sale of tickets will be~ acted, in connection with the ding of the prizes. Chuck DePoe ~is orchestra will furnish the e for the dance, one of the an- ev~ ~ts on the Legion calendar, ~he ~roceeds go into the fund for ~P~ avement and support of the ~n ( ~bin. tri :t F. U. Convention At Minnewaukan June 7 e first district Farmers Union will be held at Minne- June 7, according to ~n- made by E. H. Burke of district director. Rolette belongs to this district, which~ counties in the northeastern tbe state. 'l~he program has worked out in detail for this but is being prepared. This a series of district conven- will be hold throughout soon. iiiiii hish and low temperatures in hundredths of an _ at ~:80 p. m. eovertng Z4-hour period. -- . Max. Min. ~et. 1~ ........................ 57 --- 0 16 ........................ 69 81 0 17 ...:. ................... 69 39 .15 19 ........................ 52 42 .15 20 :": ......... : ......... : 72 38 0 21""': ...... " .............. 69 50 .17 (~ :.-. ........... .......... 68,43 ,01 ~" JACOBS~ STATION) as an auxiliary pumper. The fire hall will be partitioned, so that all the fire fghting equipment, including the truck and the auxiliary pumper, will be under lock and key so that no unauthorized persons will be able to get to it. Certain improve- ments to truck and equipment are )lanned. , Mervin Julseth was named a dele- ,ate to the state flremen's convention at Grafton, June 5 and 6, and it is probable that other members of the! department will go to the convention. Senior Class Play Is Well Attended Friday The annual high school senior class play presented in the city auditorium Friday evening was well attended and was well up to the standard of local dramatic productions. The play, "Laugh Clown," was a three-act corn- edy by C. L. Eaddy, with a stolen diamond mystery interwoven into the plot. Supt. C. J. Gludt directed the play, assisted by Miss D. Ione Gold- smith. Between the acts, Arthur Azure who did so well at the state high school contests that he was invited to the regional contests at Minneap- olis, sang two solos, and an instru- mental quartet consisting of Lorna Galloway, Jennie Olson, Anna Jean and Betty Elliott played several se- lections. Baccalaureate Services To Be Hel__dd Next Sunday The baccalaureate services for the senior class of the Rolla high school will be held in the Community church, Sunday, May 26 at 8 p. m. Rev. Stuart A. Parvin of that church will preach the class sermon, having se- lected as his theme Are You A Time ~:~keirO~eAd Traia~tBela~er?" The ,ul~ Oraduation exorcises for both the senior and Junior high schools will be held in the city auditorium, Fri- day, May 31 at 8:15 p. m. and have been forwarded to the state Petitions to place both of these committee for review and reeom- measures on the ballot at the fall! mendation for official establishment election November 5, have been put by the secretary of agriculture, in circulation throughout the state. Establishment of the county figures i Explaining the proposed enabling, at this time enables the county to constitutional amendment on gradu- calculate the 1941 average farm ated land tax with homestead exemp- i yields long before the closing dates tion, the purpose of which is to keep for making application for 1941 farm families on the land, the N. D. wheat crop insurance. The farm yields Union Farmer says: are used not only as a basis for deter- "Out of this need for a system of mining crop insurance rates, but also taxation the philosophy of the home- to determine the wheat payments a stead exemption and graduated land farmer may earn for complying with tax has been developed. These pro- the 1941 AAA program, posals would exempt the home from New Allotments Set taxation and increase the rate on The nl~tional 1941 wheat acreage large holdings. They would provide allotment has been announced in the such exemption on property up to a press at 62,000,000 acres, unchanged valuation of $5,000, the amount to from this year, although the county be determined hy area or value or office has received no official notiflca- both. A small rate of taxation would tions as yet. be applied on the first additional unit According to this announcement and the rate on further units would from .Washtngtou, North Dakota's be graduated higher on each one. The exemption and the~ graduated Rolette county's acreage allotment will be received soon. The county's 1940 acreage allotment was 121,000 acres. rates would apply to both rural and urban property." "Previous intentions to enact the homestead exemption and graduated land tax either through the legisla- ture or by initiated measure were dis- (Continued on back page) led In Preliminary figures on the census of the city of Rolla have been released, but before the final figures are completed, every effort will Teachers returning include Supt. C. J. Gludt, Peter Simmet, Roy Sol- berg, Rose Korsmo, Mary Allen Ken- nedy, D. Ione Goldsmith, Loretta La- France and Mabel Bateson. Man rshal Bound To District Court Marctl Jeanotte appeared May 20 before A. O. Halvorson, Justice of the peace, charged with obstructing an officer while discharging his duty. He waived preliminary hearing and was bound over to district court. Bail was fixed at $1,000 and as the defend- ant was unable to furnish it, he was committed to the county Jail. Th~ offense was committed while Jas. S. Lewis, city marshal, assisted by Joe Severson, was taking Jeanotte to jail for being drunk and disorderly. The defendant bit Marshal Lewis at least twice, one blow causing injury to the officer. During the hearing Justice Hal- person informed the defendant that no one will be permitted to come into Rolla and try to run the city, or to attack the officers while performing their duties. be made to include every resident of Rolla. If you were not counted,Announces Winners Ntgdht! or if you are not sure that you were, fill out this blank and mail to Bert Lament, manager of the Mari- gold Ballroom at ~t. John, is adver- MRS. MARY A. FENELON, Supervisor of Census, ttsing a special "Winners Night" for Federal Building, Grand Forks, North Dakota Friday, May 24. A series of amateur and quiz contests have been held On April 1, 1940, I was living at the address given below, but to during the past few weeks and all the best of my knowledge I have not been enumerated, either there the winners of these contests are be- ing brought together for this special or anywhere else. event. A total of $40 in cash prizes will be given away for the best area- NAME ....................................................................... o:..~ ............................ tears selected from these previous contests, and those who are best at answering the que~tions in the quis ADDRESS ............................................................................................... contest. A dance will follow the con- tests. H. J. Hugelen of Maddock, district deputy department commander for the third district, came to Rolla last Wednesday night and installed the new officers of Fred C. Wagner Post No. 235. He also gave a talk at the meeting, which drew a large attend- ance. Officers installed were: D. M. Smith, St. John, commander; L. M. Shulze, St. John, vice-commander; Oscar HJelt, Rolia, finance officers; Otto Urschel, St. John, adjutant; A. M. Marchand, Rolla, service officer; Dana Wright, St. John, historian; O. J. Charbonneau, Rolla, chaplain; Frank Miller, Rolla, sergeant-at- at-arms. The new commander and adjutant are delegates to the state convention at Devils Lake, June 2. 3 and 4, and L. R. Johnson and Oscar HJelt were named alternate delegates. The post plans to send its colors, and a good representation of members to the state convention. Departm--- ntnt Bids For Mowing On Highways The state highway department is calling for bids for mowing and clearing of vegetation along 577,7 miles of highways in 10 counties in- cluding Rolette. State highways No. 3 and No. 5 in this county are includ- ed. Bids will be opened at Bismarck June 7 and the dfficial call appears in our legal columns. Out for Commissioner Telesphore Renault of Ingebretson township announces this week that he is a candidate for county commis- sioner, fourth district. Mr. Renault is a pioneer resident of the district, has a wide acquaintance, and is mak- ing his first run for a county office. \