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June 21, 2021     Turtle Mountain Star
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June 21, 2021

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June 21 , 2021 The Star Page 13 mmeMySUDOKU by Linda Thistle IIHIIBIIH. EIIHIIIHI Iflllfllflfll Ell-Ella- IIHEIIIIH Ina-Ina.- Ifllfllflflll I'll-Ella HIIIHIIHI Place a number in the empty boxes in such a way that each row across, each column down and each small 9-box square contains all of the numbers from one to nine. DIFFICULTY THIS WEEK: 0 Moderate 09 Challenging .0. H00 BOY! o 2021 King Features Synd, Inc. - 4‘ . t . balomes. ARIES (March 21 to April 19) You feel ready to face up to a major change, although it might involve some risks. A once-dubious family member comes around and offers sup- port and encouragement. TAURUS (April 20 to May 20) Move forward with your plans, despite discouraging words from those who underestimate the Bovine’s v strong will. Your keen instincts will guide you well. GEMINI (May 21 to June 20) A misunderstanding is easily cleared up. Then go ahead and enjoy some fun and games this week. A Libra might have ideas that merit serious consider- ation for the future. CANCER (June 21 to July 22) You might feel as if you’re in an emotion- al pressure cooker, but the situation is about to change in your favor. Take time out for some well-earned fun. LEO (July 23 to August 22) A shift in your workplace responsibilities creates resentment among some co—workers. Deal with it before it becomes a threat to your success on the job. . VIRGO (August 23 to September 22) Expect some surprises in what you thought was one of your typical— ly well—planned schedules. Deal with them, and then enjoy some lightheart- -,ed entertainment. .l' .» \ Add a cinnamon stick or softener sheet to your vacuum bag when you change it. As you clean, you will dis— tribute the good smell throughout your home. - There’s been a lot of talk at my ' house about kitchen gadgets that do double duty, especially since I have made whipped cream for the first time —— in my coffeemaker! I have a French press that I rarely use, until now. Add heavy whipping cream and a bit of sugar to the pot, and use the screen to , whip the cream by rapidly pumping it up and down. Magic! —JOAnn - “To save money on electricity costs, hang jeans and other heavy clothing to dry first. White or light towels and garments especially love the sun. When they’re mostly dry, pop in the dryer to fluff. - “I love to eat pancakes, but I don’t have time to make them every mom- ing. I make a very large batch on Sundays and reheat them through the week. In order to recreate that fresh- from-the—pan crisp (which you don’t get if you microwave them), I put them in my toaster.” —- BE. in Ohio - “I use an extra coffeepot to brew a pot of hot water. I use the water for both tea and instant oatmeal packets in the morning.” — M .S . in Nevada add lines dot to dot. two? SPELL OUT! Let’s see if you can insert a three- letter word that will complete seven longer words in each of the posers presented at right. In No. 1, for instance, try AFT, and get craft, waft, but that’s all. Similarly,,in No. 2, try ALE. Result: Whale, pale,‘ kale... but there the string ends. Now that you have the idea, continue to try words until you find two that comply. No fair peeking at answers below. 'u on my ‘AI'EMIIOBUSBJ “133 we Hey i ON SAIL! Go it, sailfish, up, up and away. What can you draw to complete this picture? To find out, Amber Waves HEY DAD, WE HAD CAREER DAY AT SCHOOL TODAY. I’M TRYNG DAD...YOU TOLD ME WHEN THE COWS LIE DOWN THAT MEANS IT ’5 GONNA RAIN. @2021 King Features Syndicate, Inc. World ri lit: reserved. LIBRA (September 23 to October 22) Be careful: What appears to be a solid financial opportunity might have some hidden risks attached. A hazy personal matter needs to be cleared up. SCORPIO (October 23 to Novem- ber 21) It’s a good time to strength- en ties with family and friends. You might feel unsure about a recent workplace decision, but time will AT FRST I WAS 'IHIKNG mmkingfeaturcscom wwwrfdcoml ,weeblyeom YOU CAN BE ANYTIING YOU by Dave T. Phipps “STRONG WORK ETHC" IS NOT CRIME-FIGHTNG SUPERI-ERO BUT WANT [YOU APPLY YOURSELF. EXACTLY ATTHE TOP OFTI-IELIST ACROSS DECIDED THAT WAS SILLY. STIDY Am WORK HARD. FOR GOOD SUPERPOWERS. 1 "Sad to say 12 13 5 Ill 17 8 1 18 20 Joan 21 22 figmdinflfilllwlI 1memIIIII III tain 30 31 .. 34 35 Ill gamma-Ill... I as 16 Leftovers car— rier 41 42 43 wmws mawww. ,wwmm III. III THE DEAL APOCALYPSE 1 , creations MAYBE"? 20 R are emmB III II “ es 21 "I'm not impressed" 22 Martini liquor stone 6 Big fusses 23 Skilled 50 Words to a 7 Cleaning . 26 Flood protec— back-stabber cloth tion 51 In the style of 8 Past 37 Gun the 52 Alpha follower 9 Jessica of 39 engine Couturier "Dark Angel" 40 31 Witty one Christian 10 Flair a man .32 :As Itsze it," course" gums sharply E o a e er ppear earn. mam Sleazy hotel 19 Favorite eases. are-"e 3%“... . a? 43 v J. s rain Ines an 003 anine cry In E a (Abbr.) ers 24 NJ. neighbor 44 39 Aunt, in Secular 25 First lady? Acapulco Computer 26 Droop 45 1. TELEVISION: What city is the Eu Hum 40 P?” of, brand 27 L'fe St°ry setting for the 1980s medical drama mm Hlspanlola 4 Tempura 28 love (Lat) 46 “SLElsewheren? an 43 Iced desserts chorce 29 Republicans 48 2. HISTORY: When was the first E El 47 Clnched _ 5 Shoebox Extsted ' Veterans Day celebrated in the United 49 OCtOber blrth' datum 34 gamejOt k'ng prove you did the right thing. SAGITTARIUS (November 22 to December 21) Just when you thought your relationship was comfortable and even predictable, your partner or. spouse could spring a potentially life-changing surprise’on you. CAPRICORN (December 22 to January 19) Your usually generous self is overshadowed by your equally strong suspicious nature. You might be judging things too harshly. Keep an open mind. AQUARIUS (January 20 to Febru- ary 18) Love and romance dominate the week. Married Aquarians enjoy domestic harmony, while singles could soon be welcoming overtures from loving Leos. PISCES (February 19 to March 20) An old health problem recurs, but it is soon dealt with, leaving you eager to get back into the swing of things. A favor- able travel period starts this week. ‘ BORN THIS WEEK: You have an independent spirit that resists, being told what to do. But you’re also wise enough to appreciate good advice. © 202! King Features Synd; Injc; ~: ‘ 1. Who wrote and released “Don’t Think Twice, It’s All Right”? 2. Which artist penned and released “Little Town Flirt”? ' 3. Which former Beatle had a hit with “My Sweet Lord”? 4. Where was the Singing Nun from? 5. Name the song that contains this lyric: “If your heartaches seem to hang around too long, And your blues keep getting bluer with each song.” Answers: 1. Bob Dylan, in 1962. The song has been covered by dozens of art— ists, including the Four Seasons, who recorded it under the pseudonym The Wonder Who?, one of numerous names the group used. 2. Del Shannon, in 1962. The song climbed to No. 1 in Australia and Ire— land, but didn’t reach the top 10 in the US. 3. George Harrison, in 1970. Har- rison was sued for allegedly copy- ing the melody to the 1963 “He’s So Fine,” but instead he claimed he fol- lowed a Christian hymn “Oh Happy Day,” which was out of copyright. 4. Belgium. Jeanne-Paule Marie Deckers was famous for her song “Dominique” in 1963. . 5. “Cry,” by Johnnie Ray in 1951. Teen idol Ray was partially deaf, starting at age 13 when he suffered an . accident at a Boy Scout camp. © 2021 King Features Syndicate SIX PICK! There are six numbers between 1 and 100 that are spelled with six let- ters. Four of them are ninety, eighty, thirty and tWenty. Quickly, what are the other 'aAIeNu pue UGAGIS steqwnN States? 3. MOVIES: Who played the role of Lt. Dan Taylor in the 1994 movie “Forrest Gump”? 4. PSYCHOLOGY: What fear is rep- resented in the condition called choro- phobia? 5. GEOGRAPHY: What is the south- ernmost city in Africa? 6. FAMOUS QUOTES: Who wrote this about fleeting summer, “Sum— mer’s lease hath all too short a date”? 7. SCIENCE: Which nerve transmits sound to the brain? 8. GENERAL KNOWLEDGE: What is the color papaya? 9. FOOD & DRINK: In which US. state did Pepsi Cola originate? 10. US. PRESIDENT S: Which president received the Secret Service code name “General”? Answers 1. Boston 2. 1954 3. Gary Sinise 4. Fear of dancing 5 . Cape Town 6. William Shakespeare, Sonnet 18 7. Auditory nerve 8. Orange 9. North Carolina 10. Harry Truman by Ryan A. Berenz 1. What former NBA player and ‘ coach served as head coach of the Utah Utes men’s basketball program from 2011-21? 2. Traktor Chelyabinsk, Dinamo ' Minsk and Lokomotiv Yaroslavl are teams competing in what ice hockey league? . 3. Against what boxer did Riddick Bowe win consecutive fights — both by disqualification for low blows — in 1996? 4. In 1955, driver Pierre Levegh died in a crash and 83 spectators were killed by debris at what famous motorsports endurance race? 5. What University of Miami Hurri- canes running back suffered torn knee ligaments in the 2003 Fiesta Bowl and would miss his entire rookie season j with the Buffalo Bills? ' 6. What long-distance relay running series includes races named Bourbon Chase, Wasatch Back, Northwest Pas- sage, Del S01 and Reach the Beach? 7. First awarded in 1962, the King Spud Trophy is the prize in the college basketball rivalry between what two teams? Answers 1. Larry Krystkowiak. 2. Kontinental Hockey League (KHL). 3. Andrew Golota. 4. 24 Hours of Le Mans. 5. Willis McGahee. 6. Ragnar Relay Series. 7. The Idaho State Bengals and the University of Idaho Vandals. by Charles Barry Townsend FINGER-TRICKIN’ WITS TESTER YES, the hand is sometimes quicker than the eye, and on occasion may be shown to outwit the brain. For instance, simply assign numbers to someone’s fingers (see left), ask the person to clasp hands, and then chal- lenge him or her to move designated fingers as you call out numbers. Vary this, if you wish, by assigning an assortment of numbers in random order. As a further test, ask your friend to cross wrists, then clasp hands, turn clasped hands inward (toward body), and upward toward the chin. Now, challenge person to move a finger either by num- ber, or when you point to it. :0 5‘. 5 W 2 (D O 6 2 6 8 7 4 5 4 8 4 3 8 5 F F O N B E V O T T M A 2 8 4 8 2 5 3 4 8 2 7 U E E N H T R I E T N U E 4‘ 3 8 5 2 4 7 2 6 5 8 6 4 M K A R O S E G E L W F 6 3 6 2 4 3 6 8 5 2 8 6 5 I Y L C O‘ L B T S L C Y 7 2 4 5 3 5 7 4 8 6 4 2 4 E B O U N W O L O R R 6 8 5 2 8 7 6 7 3 4 2 6 4 E C Y K S A I N K G R E 4 5 2 4 5 8 7 5 2 5 7 7 G R O H S U B R T L E HERE IS A PLEASANT LITTLE GAME that will give you a message every day. It's a numeril puzzle designed to spell out your fortune. Count the letters in your first name. If the number of letters is 6 or more, subtract 4. If the number is less than 6, add 3. The result is your key number. Start at the up- per left-hand corner and check one of your key numbers, left to right. Then read the message the letters under the checked figures give you. HENRY BBgLTINOFF /\ ©2021 Kin Features S ndicate, Inc. Just Like Cats ,8: Dogs 'uexmq s! eoued '9 ‘tuareggp em seous "g ‘pesre/ier st duo 'p tenants :1 aBpaH 1; 'iueiauip si "ea '3 'iapiM s1 mopuiM "t :seouaiauia The Spats It"; A Lona ' WAY To THE TOP!! BELTM-an/EN REAL/25m r/IosP/TAL. outer: HE 7W0— M/ofl—m/ck Russet-WWm gar/#5 WMKEsmA/olse WA para/.1770” nary-- IJUST HAD THE BEST DREAMJWAS BEING PAMPERHD BY SERVANTS no war ALWAYS COOKING AND CLEAMNG. IT WAS 80 REALISTIC. "ESPECIALLY WHEN THE ELEVATOR l9 OUT OF ORDER. __ King Crossword '— French cheese — Lancelot Bigwigs Roman robes Wasted no time Con “Suffice — say Shopper's delight Fencing sword London gal- lery Bridge coup Inlet ‘LAFF - A DAY 1“It’s always a shock to find out you’re overdrawn " "more than you thought you were.” by Dave T. Pupps man-M... emu" nu m... “nun-nulls 9......“ . an“. BYAL SCADUTO 6W0” fill/1K5 A WNMA/VCRVH- 101! * 997/ WWW-ROLL VOW/V ME WNW/1217157 llE/WO‘SEAF-LOOK YOURSELF Ill/WITH 7H5 SEAT