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July 14, 2014     Turtle Mountain Star
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July 14, 2014

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July 14, 2014 The Star Page 15 Weekly SUDOKU by Linda Thistle 3 6 1 4 7 1 7 2 9 8 5 9 1 6 1 3 8 5 1 2 6 1 7 4 2 Place a number in the empty boxes in such a way that each row across, each column down and each small 9-box square contains all of the numbers from one to nine. * Moderate ** Challenging * * * HOd BOY! o 2014 King Featur Synd., Inc. ARIES (March 21 to April 19) Your honesty is, as always, admirable. But you might want to be more tactful in discussing a sensitive issue with a family member. Remember: You can give advice without giving offense. TAURUS (April 20 to May 20) An unex- pected workplace snag should be handled quickly and efficiently so that it leaves you time for family get-togethers. Also, you might soon get that long-sought apology. GEMINI (May 21 to June 20)Aspects favor family matters, especially where children might be involved. Spending time with loved ones helps restore some much-needed bal- ance to your typically busy schedule. CANCER (June 21 to July 22) That seem- ingly clear-cut agreement might not be quite so straightforward after all. Recheck for lan- guage that could make you liable for hidden costs and other unpleasant surprises. LEO (July 23 to August 22) Careful, Kitty. Better to deal with someone with proven re- liability than with a big talker who promises much but can't confirm that he or she will de- liver. Your social life really zings this week- end. VIRGO (August 23 to September 22) Your matchmaking skills are at peak performance levels both in helping to staff workplace teams for upcoming projects and for bringing people together on a more personal basis. Potato salad will have more flavor if you whisk together all the dressing in- gredients and add it to the potatoes when they are warm. The potatoes will absorb the ingredients bette r , and the flavor will develop even more during refrigeration. Dill planted near tomatoes will draw caterpillars away from the fruits. And it's delicious. "I love to grill, and when it's nice out, we grill every weekend. I always put on extra and use the leftovers through the week. Chicken in salad, a nice flank steak for fajitas, etc. And it means less cooking for me!" -- Y.L. in Maryland Here's a great recipe for an icy treat: Freeze orange juice or apple juice in ice trays. Throw a handful in the blender for a fruit slush that can't be beat on a hot day. "A lot of smoke was coming off our grill, and our patio doors were wide open. Long story short: It swamped the living room with smoke. The smell was a little overwhelming. After we closed the door, my neighbor doused a kitchen towel with white vinegar, wrung it out and waved it around the room. It cleared out the smoke smell right away, and the vinegar smell went away just as quickly. What a mira- cle!" -- F.F. in South Carolina Rubbing alcohol can be used to remove ballpoint-pen ink from most upholstery. Out on a Limb by Gary Kopervas 1 ); t t $ o 13 Kuff SIH&'TgE#6 T0u  f, oMwHEK'E T0gt4PI K R.F.D. by Mike Marland [N OWTFj4"RE BAII'TI-IAT /ltlll " SO...)'LL BEE A AT t  . | ,00ll) i LIBRA (September 23 to October 22) You're finally seeing some progress with your new venture. But be prepared for it to continue at a slower pace than you're used to. Mean- while, a loved one could be preparing a sur- prise. SCORPIO (October 23 to November 21) A family member's success pulls you into the spotlight as well. Enjoy it, but don't let it overshadow or otherwise obstruct what you're doing with your own creative projects. SAGITTARIUS (November 22 to December 21) Using what you already know might not be quite enough to get a proposed project off the ground. Look for any new information that might help tilt the scales in your favor. CAPRICORN (December 22 to January 19) Good news: While a changing workplace en- vironment can be daunting for some, it could be the challenge you've been hoping for. If so, confront it with confidence and move on. AQUARIUS (January 20 to February 18) It's a good time to recheck travel arrangements for any changes that could work to your ad- vantage. Aspects also favor strengthening and restoring old, fraying relationships. PISCES (February 19 to March 20) Using your intuitive reasoning helps you cut right through the double-talk and go straight to what's really going on around you. Stay the course until all your questions are answered. BORN THIS WEEK: You radiate light and warmth, and others love being close to you. (c) 2014 King Features Synd., Inc. 1. CITY NICKNAMES: What U.S. city's nickname is "The Biggest Little City in the World"? 2. ANIMAL KINGDOM: What is a group of vultures called? 3. SPORTS: Which sport might include a maneuver called a "closed choctaw"? 4. GENERAL KNOWLEDGE: What color is cerulean? 5. LANGUAGE: What is the U.S. equiv- alent of the British pram? 6. COMMUNICATION: In the interna- tional radio alphabet, what is the standard word that represents the letter "P"? 7. LITERATURE: What was the name of the family in "The Grapes of Wrath"? 8. TELEVISION: Who played the role of Gus McCrae in the 1989 "Lonesome Dove" television series? 9. THE BODY: What is a human's nor- mal temperature in Centigrade? 10. PSYCHOLOGY: What fear is repre- sented in the condition called nyctopho- bia? Answers 1. Reno, Nevada 2. A wake 3. Figure skating 4. Blue 5. Baby carriage 6. Papa 7. Joad .L 3 I S 1 A H S V ACROSS 1 Taj Mahal city 5 Lunch order, for short 8 "Bye" 12 Bellow 13 Kanga's kid 14 Change for a five 15 Always playing the same role 17 Beehive State 18 Perched 19 Illuminated 20 With aloofness 21 Light brown 22 "Go, team!" 23 Underneath 26 Flip-flops 30 Suitor 31 Solemn promise 32 Mayberry moppet 33 Used a stopwatch on 35 Chirping sound 36 Whammy 37 Inmate 38 Devoutness 41 Supporting 42 Clear the tables 45 Vortex SUltU rg :atu!4 uoBnlos Wishing Well [ 3 5 8 4 7 8 2 5 8 3 8 3 7 B T N Y Y E L I G E O G 0 5 2 4 5 6 2 3 6 8 2 4 8 6 M O O E A T E L T S U I O 2 8 4 2 4 7 6 5 4 7 2 6 5 O A A F R U V T E A G E O 8 2 5 2 8 3 8 6 5 8 3 6 5 T R C E I N O A H N E F A 4 6 3 7 2 6 2 8 4 7 8 6 8 C F R R E A N S H E G I O 3 8 7 6 3 8 7 8 7 4 7 8 4 O W O R U E N L C E O L R 7 4 5 4 5 3 5 4 7 4 7 4 7 U I N S G S E H R E S D E HERE IS A PLEASANT LI'n'LE GAME that will give you a message every day. It's a numerical puzzle designed to spell out your fortune. Count the letters in your first name. If the number of letters is 6 or more, subtract 4. If the number is less than 6, add 3. The result is your key number. Start at the up- per left-hand corner and check one of your key numbers, left to right. Then read the message the letters under the checked figures give you. l [ 0It lk'l 1OIll lkll BY F  8. RobertDuvall  ! , . 9.37C k ,N ----( .,'-.--- 10. Night or darkness  ' * 1962 as The Scorpions before changing [ to The Spectres and Traffic Jam. 2. Which Jackie DeShannon song was ...... j later covered by the Ramones, the Searchers and Smokie? (Hint: think 1. In 2013, Boston's David Ortiz set a [ sewing.) 3. Name the Los Bravos debut song and year. 4. Which artist released "Swingin' School"? 5. Name the song that contains this lyric: "Mary Lou, poor girl, she pleaded and she begged him not to leave, She said 'I've got a feeling if you ride tonight I'll grieve.'" King Crossword F--7-- T-- 1-T--- -- I"T--- -- nmm 23 24 25 lll 38 39 40 46 Sad 48 Show sadness 49 Anger 50 Do as you're told 51 Logical 52 Apiece 53 Test the waters DOWN 1 -- and crafts 2 Maja painter 3 Engrossed 4 "All the Things You 5 Gray matter ) 1 26 1 41 __ m 9 I0 ll 11 27 -8 29 Answers 1. Status Quo ("Pictures of Matchstick Men"). Only one original member, Fran- cis Rossi, remains with the group, which still tours. 2. "Needles and Pins," originally in 1963. It was only a minor hit until the Searchers version. 3. "Black Is Black," in 1966. Because of the similarity in lead voices, many thought it was done by Gene Pitney. 4. Bobby Rydell, in 1960. It did well, but not as well as his "Wild One." 5. "Black Denim Trousers and Motorcy- cle Boots," by The Cheers in 1955, one of the first in the teenage tragedy songs genre. In this one the boyfriend, the "ter- ror of Highway 101," met his end when "he hit a screamin' diesel that was Cali- fornia-bound." by Hal Kaufman I NINE COUNTI Object of this exercise is to see that the nine.cirr-Jes of the ( [ triangle at tLght contain the digits 0-8 in such a manner that dig!is in ordies  I On each of the sides nave a total   I --__ --.- 0ft3.  L.) I It[," )-t-7. j  place, leavingjustsixmoretobe '  / I"l. r 7 J' IJJl-...f/r. mserted.  ) [ I --.    'D-- ' IIk) Clue: TWO missing digits on __ I J-- >7."',,. ( o %.kll oneofthethreesidesareeven ("/'  t"'i I \\;Y)  - "///.7')2 ,x Try to puzzle it out in two min- I ,.-lc /l,.at_ ateao, tess. .x,o%,g i J00T//J'V: Iil  .  /, ) % YOUR CALLI "The is the greatest nuisance arnon I . "' ./if-,  '-.--.__----- conveniences, the greatest convenience among nuisances, V,.':-'-  said Robert Lynd. Of what did he speak? WATERED DOWN 'au0qdalal 1 BIRD WORDS THOSE who know their sea and marsh birds, and slso know their vowels, should have an easy time here. To identify birds, sim- ply insert missing vowels below. 1. G-II. 11. P-tr4 2. H-r-n. 12. P4..-n. 3. -gr-t. 13 G-nn-t. 4. Cr.-n 14. -spry. 5 -b.. 15 C--t 6 St-rk. 16. p-ff.a. Sn-p- 17 B-tt-m. R--I 18. Shr-k-. 9. T-rn. lS. PI-v-r. 10. St-R. 20. P4ng---n. How quickly can you flu the blanks? !'n'--0Z "a'o--6 t. "'l'lgL "e'p---/_L "!'IgL "o'o--L e'O--H. 'e'e---L "e')'a---ZI. "W'-LI. "-0t ""6 1'-.9 "a '"-Z "0--'9 -,'v-- -*-t, "w--' "o'a PAINT ,-rl Two of thes artists are twins. Whida two is for you to z .n--   decide. Be sure o study all details carefully. 6 @ record for most career hits by a desig- nated hitter. Who had held the mark? 2. Between 1958 and 1978, four New York Yankees pitchers won a Cy Young Award. Name three of them. 3. Who holds the record for most rushing yards in a Rose Bowl game? 4. In 2012-13, the Hornets' Ryan Ander- son became the fourth NBA player to have 500 rebounds and 200 3-pointers made in a season. Name two of the oth- ers. 5. Colorado Avalanche goaltender Se- rayon Varlamov, in 2014, became the fourth Russian-born goalie to have 100 wins in the NHL. Name two of the first three. 6. In 2014, Kurt Busch tied for the best finish (sixth) at the Indianapolis 500 for a driver also racing in the Coca-Cola 600 the same day. Whom did he tie? 7. In 2014, tennis' Novak Djokovic be- came the second player to win the Indian Wells and Sony Open tournaments back- to-back twice. Who was the first? Answers l. Harold Baines, with 1,688 hits. 2. Bob Turley (1958), Whitey Ford ('6 l), Sparky Lyle ('77) and Run Guidry ('78). 3. Charles White ran for 247 yards for Southern Cal in 1980. 4. Peja Stojakovic, Antoine Walker and Paul Pierce. 5. Evgeni Nabokov (350 victories), Niko- lai Khabibulin (333) and llya Bryzgalov (220). 6. Robby Gordon and Tony Stewart. 7. Roger Federer, in 2005-06. \\;, m r''; / " 3 'lU I 3 v T FORCEI Everyone's pitchingin on this trip to  m y colo by numbe(: 1-- Red. 2--Lt ue. 3---Ycw. 4--L.L txo. 5-- Flesh tones. . 7---Dk. 0mn. 8---Dk. blue. SPELLBINDER SCORE 10 points for using ell the letters in the word below to form two complete words: INTRENCH THEN score 2 points each for all words of tour letters or more found among the letters. Try to sem'e at least 50 points. "UIN0 'ua :atuoso, lqp=o d mmm 42 43 44 6 Missing 28 Whopper 7 Youngster 29 Congealed 8 Six-pointer 31 Annoy 9 Opposed to 34 Crucial 10 Blue hue 35 Undecided 11 Wan 37 Cringe in 16 Talon fear 20 Author 38 Church Fleming furniture 21 Not hunt- 39 Concept and-peck 40 Paradise 22 Uncooked 41 Links 23 English warning channel? 42 All- 24 Moray, e.g. 43 Secondhand 25 Thai neigh- 44 Eyelid woe bor 46 Party bowlful 26 Turf 47 Intimidate 27 Gorilla 2014 King Features Synd., Inc. LAFF - A - DAY ,'"Oh,- yes, he's a good watchdog Last week he watched the garage burn down, then he watched CAN YOU TRUST YOUR EYES? There ate at least six differ- erces in drawing details between top and bottom panels. How quiddy can you find them? Check answers with those below. (u!sslu s! JOO(3 "g "J!ss!uJ s( lq0! 3 " "lueJag!p s! uoJdv 't "lllu!!w st algO "g "JellemS s! ua^o IISM " "Ou!ss!w s! l)umo "L :souee;I!O THEY'LL DO IT EVERY TIME Juat Ud00e Cat00 & Doga t. " GEEZ, MAYBE IT WOULD BE 1 QUICKER TO RUN TO THE STORE.00 / 1 BY AL SCADUTO by Jeff Pickering