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August 30, 2021     Turtle Mountain Star
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August 30, 2021

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August 30, 2021 The Star Weekly SUDOKU Page 15 __ King Crossword __ Amber Waves AH GEEZ, LOOKS UKE ‘ HIS LURES GET MORE ‘ by Dave T. Phipps WOW, ii ACTUALLY T TF M l c . v . LEFT THE PRICE TAG 0N. ACROSS by Linda Thistle HA AR ER SBA I< ELABORATEE ERY YEAR 1 W32??? IEIIIEIIII 13 £3.35! 13 Only 14 Chantilly, e.g. 15 \fitamin stat Ila-III.- 16 Frost I, 24 26 17 M—_b h I.“ I is e mm 30 31 Ila-Illa 18 "I I '- Ilnflllllfl R F o “"exdpe‘md -- I. l.- . won ers 36 37 s , 21 Existea III III I’M ALREADY E SAME REASON WE ALL HAD CUZ YOU AIN T HALF AS squid squirt THE SMARTEST E TO GO TO SCHOOL WHEN SMART AS YOU THINK KID I KNOW é” WE WERE YOUR AGE JUNE 23 3°”9 °f 47 Place a number in the empty boxes in such a way su n. 26 [erase tl tht h , h I d d' 3 ” re uen some:team: ragga/33,2. .7 III III on numbers from one to nine. - o :— ~ E v Patel 52 53, DIFFICULTY THIS WEEK: 900 E 32) {Stende . g inner or u ipurpose een's woe atten ees ’ M°derate ” Cha”e“9i”9 Dobbin truck 11 Favorites 32 Edict H00 BOY! g Seethe 51 Bottom lines? 19 They give a 34 Guy's date 92°”K‘"9F°“‘“'“S’"""'"°' g 33 Sample 52 Lushes , hoot 35 Sudden 34 "Shoo!" 53 Melancholy Busy insect bursts 35 Crazy Horse, 23 Bit of butter 36 Radiates LIBRA (september 23 tohocwber E g for one DOWN 24 Knightly 37 Long-legged 22)_Y_0U ShOUId 300“ be hearlng 501“? 36 Mountain 1 Campus digs address shorebird pos1t1ve feedback on that recent bu51- Egg m pass 2 "The King —" Actress 38 Obi ness move. An old family problem 37 Hot tub 3 Noggin Adams 39 Stubborn recurs, but this time you’ll know how Ell El 38 Insignificant 4 Hindu retreat Feedbag mor— beast to handle it better. a n sum 5 Hotel units sel 4O Molecule part ARIES (M h A 'l 19) A SCORPIO member 23 to NOVCm- El '7" g —'th 27 Silk With an 41 Norytvaiyls 3“: t0 Pr1 5 ber 21) Some surprising statements . r mum ° —- ' W' ' _ cap' tenSiOHS ease 0“ the home from, YOU shed light on the problem that caused 1‘ MOVIES: What Is .thepaffne (3mm lull Elm 47 U't'mate '“tense fear 28 OgtbaCk mm 42 Burde'f‘ can once more focus on changes in that once_wam relationship to cool trouble-mfklns fratemlty Natlonal a Elma 48 Leisurer 8 Not taut Irritate 43 Jazz Singer the workplace. Early difficulties are off. Usethis newly won knowledge to Lampoon SAmmalHouse -. ENE BE] 49 Fashion mag- 9 Hammer tar- 31 Many James _ 2. LITERATURE: What kind of pet . azme get Woodstock 44 Molt soon worked out. Stability returns as help tum [hmgs around does Neville have in the Harry Pottcr _ _V » adjustments are made SAGITTARIUS (November 22 to bookseries? W i S h i n g & W e 1 ]® TAURUS (Apnl 20 to May 20) A December 21) Your spiritual side is 3. MUSIC: Which singer/songwriter L A D new romancfi “ms the “Pal‘aChed especially strong at this time. Let it is nicknamed the Queen of Soul? 7 4 2 3 8 3 8 4 6 7 3 5 2 - - Bovine’s patience to the limit. But guide you into deeper contemplation 4_GAMES.Inthe NFL’howlongis S W B E A M P -A U A P A U Venus stlll rules the Taurean heart, so of aspects about yourself that youad the halftime? 4 3 8 7 3 2 3 4 3 5 6 5 3 expect to find yourself trying hard to like to understand better_ . 5. TELEVISION: What is the name R H P V A ' s M ' L S 0 Z make this relatlonship work. ‘ CAPRICORN (December 22 to of Mork’s planeton “Mork&Mindy"? 6 7 6 3 7 8 2 4 3 7 2 3 7 GEMINI (May to June 20) It’s Janu 19) Your merrier as ea com 6. GEOGRAPHY: Tokyo is located E 0 C E R L L F T T D H H a gOOd time to conSider home'related tinuezsrilo dominate and to attilact folks on WhiCh 0f Japan’s four main iSIandS? 7 8 7 6 I 2 4 5 6 7 5 7 4 purchases. But shop around carefully who rarel see this side of Du some 7. MEDICAL; What is the common E E A P A B E V U A E S E a. for the best price— whether it’s a new serious n6}; romancin 60113111 d'evelo name f0r deglutltlon? . 6 8 4 3‘ 7 5 3 8 5 2 4 3 5 house for the family or anew hose for out f 11 th. h . g p 8' ANIMAL KINGDOM What 13 a T U .L P T A O S F R I S F g the garden. 0 a 15 C eermess- group of t1gers called? 3 4 8 4 2 3 4 2 5 2 5 6 2 g , AQUARIUS (January 20 to Feb- 9. GENERAL KNOWLEDGE: N E G T S D A G I E o CANCER (June to July A , “ ”, g - ruary 18) You re always concerned What word represents the letter U 1n 8 5 2 8 3 8 3 8 3 6 8 6 8 a contentious family member seems , , . 7 , g intent on creatin roblems Best about the well—bemg of others, It s the NATO phonetlc alphabet code. F R O R V Y E O 'O. N U c, , . g ,P , '. time on m some ofthat concern into 10_ SCIENCE; What Is the “power- HERE is A PLEASANT LI‘lTLE GAME that Will give you a e adv1ce: AVOld steppmg in until you y p , , h ,, fthe cell called? message everyday. lt'sa numerical puzzledesignedtospell a know more about the origins of this your own health Sltuatlona espeCIally ouse 0 ' out your fortune. Count the letters in your first name. If the g domestic disagreement. LEO (July to August 22) A recent job-related move proves far more suc- cessful than you could have imagined. Look for continued beneficial fallout. Even your critics have something nice to say, VIRGO (August to September 22) Ease up and stop driving yourself to finish that project on a deadline that on ‘A lha~au -hnllnolfl \/ A . A n . _ A A -h Use club soda on a damp rag to wipe down your stainless-steel sink. It will help bring back the shine. - Fresh versus frozen in the seafood aisle: Unless you’re at the docks, most seafood in the grOcer’s fresh fish case is thawed from frozen. Always ask. It’s much cheaper to buy frozen and thaw it yourself. “My mother swears by wrapping her feet in a vinegar-soaked rag once a week to soften calluses. She does this before her bath, and uses a pum- ice stone to rid her heels of hardened spots on the skin. It seems to work for her, so I thought I would pass it on!”— CD. in Colorado o “If you need to keep your l-year- old corralled in the bath, try using a laundry basket. The water flows in, but she has only so much room to roam. And it lessens the odds she could slip away from you to the other side of the tub. Always stay with baby from the first drop to the last!” ——W.H. in Texas To distinguish all the cords plugged into a power strip, write the appliance name (TV, DVD, speakers, etc.) on a plastic bread tab, and attach it to the cord at the plug. A quick look at the power strip, and you can unplug any appliance without having to follow the cord through the jungle behind your entertainment center! where it involves nutrition. PISCES (February 19 to March 20) Just when you thought y0ur life had finally stabilized, along comes anoth- er change that needs to be addressed. Someone you trust can help you deal with it successfully. BORN THIS WEEK: You have a sixth sense when it comes to finding people who need help long before than f}\;n‘r n13 nn1r:v\n €n« 1+ AAA IvnlI’v-n , 1. Which group released “Down By the Lazy River”? ' 2. “Giving It All Away” was the debut single for which artist? 3. Who wrote and released “You Saved My Soul”? 4. Who released the 1987 version of “I Still Believe”? 5. Name the song that contains this lyric: “I’d like to know when she’s not with me if she’s still true to me, I’d like to know when we’re kissing does she feel just what I feel.” Answers 1. The Osmond Brothers, in The song was used in on “The South Park Vaccination Special” on Comedy Central and MTV2. The show was a bit more popular than “The Pandemic Special” in 2. Roger Daltrey, lead singer for The Who, in 1973. The song came out at the same time The 'Who was being sued for damages they’d caused to a hotel room. It reached No. 5 in the UK, the highest chart placement Dal- trey would ever see as a solo artist. 3. Burton Cummings, in 4. Brenda K. Starr. Mariah Carey followed with a cover in 1988. 5. “A Lover’s Question,” by Clyde McPhatter in 1958, and written by Brook Benton. The song made it to No. on the R&B chart. © King Features Syndicate Answers 1. Delta Tau Chi or Delta House 2. A toad named Trevor 3. Aretha Franklin 4. minutes, except for the Super Bowl 5. Ork 6. Honshu 7. Swallowing 8. A streak or ambush 9. Uniform 10. Mitochondria, the organelle responsible for energy prddiiction by Ryan A. Berenz 1. What Baseball Hall of Fame infielder, nicknamed “Old Shufer— foot,” won the American League MVP award in 1948 as a member of the Cleveland Indians? 2. What name did Muhammad Ali give to his strategy of tiring out an opponent by repeatedly absorbing or evading his punches? 3. Norm Chow, the Tennessee Titans offensive coordinator from 2005—07, was head football coach for what col- lege team from 2012-15? 4. Who was the last active NHL player to have played for the Quebec Nordiques? 5. What is the name of the official mascot of the NBA’s Orlando Magic? 6. What sports equipment and sportswear manufacturer was found- ed in Osaka, Japan, in 1906? 7. The United States led the medal table with a record 83 gold medals at the 1984 Summer Olympics in Los Angeles. What nation came in a dis— tant second with 20 gold medals at those Games? Answers 1. Lou Boudreau. 2. Rope-a—dope. 3. The University of Hawaii War- riors. 4. Adam Foote. 5. Stuff the Magic Dragon. ' 6. Mizuno. 7. Romania. A FILL-IN PUZZLE! number of letters is 6 or more, subtract 4. if the number is less than 6, add 3. The result is your key number. Start at the up- per lett-hand corner and check one of your key numbers, left to right. Then read the message the letters under the checked figures give you. BY HOCUS-FOCUS Homeowner ‘1U919lilp 81 1!3H '9 ‘pappa are soaring '9 Tue-191119 5! mm W 'pamuisi s1 qu1 '9 '6uissiw 5! 1mm '3 Tumqu sI unis 'i :seouaieiuo The Spats I U550 To BE A DOOR—To —DooR §ALE$MAN. $76M 0F ZZIE 7744551, ails/Mess Act/MEN ~ “How about taking the lawn mower for a walk?” Just Like Cats &’ Dogs by Dave T. Phipps How CAN You SAY THESE Books ARE “CLASSICS”? HARDLY ANY HAVE BEEN MADE INTo A MOVIE, MUCH LESS A SEQUEL. 'OBNGSOJ smBu IIV 'Oul ‘ateoInuAc seumee-J Sum LGzo Pictured at left is a crossword p u z z I e grid. Below are the words that you'll need to complete the puzzle, using the trial-and-orror method. Keep an eraser handy! King Features Syndicate, Inc. A BUMPY RIDEl Which route will take this trail biker to the finish line? You're a winner if your first g -7-:a MlOKthEMANI '6 101d 't was '3 (ssowv) :SIBMsuv \~\ \;\=\ or second guess is correct. 44%“, 549"" I THICK As A BRICK! Barney, a local bricklayer, asks the following M5 £91315- question: "It a brick weighs 9 pounds and half a brick, what does a m”“°'“‘“r'8;°‘1’8 brick and a halt weigh?‘ CHIN ABASH 'spunod s sufiIeM none 8 mm pue ‘spunod at sufiieM nouq euo 'spunod /_z DASH ‘ , ECHO Kl A COOL PROBLEM! Don't slip up on this one. In E H ALO Exam this puzzle, all of the words get progressively longer, '3 and they all end in ICE. Use the following defini- 8 '00" RADAR tions: KNEE TANGO ; . :SE_t(i:riplla(ce). :. lanlickey fast! Minnie. g PLOT . . rui n . . ace 0 usiness. 1, .wqo .8 .OIEH .L .05“; .9 .aqm , .. g. 5. Ornamental molding. 6. A candy flavor. 9‘ '9 uapéu -e 'ouoa -z “yogurt (umoa) . : § AN g W), .Z, m, .u .m .0, WW SPA-'GVVKéZ/A’F agméx- “my” “I = 6 =3 I... ‘ 'eaiioori '9 'eoiwoo '9 '90910 '7 "soinr 'c '9on "a mi ‘1