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September 27, 2021     Turtle Mountain Star
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September 27, 2021

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September 27, 2021 Weekly SUDOKU by Linda Thistle EIIIHIIIIII IIIIHEII IIIIHIEII Place a number in the empty boxes in such a way that each row across, each column down and each small 9-box square contains all of the numbers from one to nine. DIFFICULTY THIS WEEK: 0 ‘9 Moderate 06 Challenging 9.9 H00 BOY! (Cl 202i King Features Synd., Inc. am ARIES (March 21 to April 19) Cos- mic changes create a potential for disruptions in your travel plans. In the meantime, youmight want to consider shifting your focus to another area of your life that needs attention. TAURUS (April 20 to May 20) It’s a good time for beauty—loving Bovines to enjoy something special for the senses. It will restore your spirit and return you to the workaday-world ready for the next challenge. GEMINI (May 21 to June 20) With your planetary ruler, Mercury, going retrograde, you might want to slow down the pace in pursuing some of your projects. Rushing things could be counterproductive. CANCER (June 21 to July 22) Ten— sions begin to ease in those once—testy relationships. This helps create a more positive aspect all around. Expect to hear news that could lead you to rethink a recent decision. LEO (July 23 to August 22) The pace of activity that had slowed last week now begins to pick up. This is good news for Leos and Leonas who . have career-building plans that need to be put into operation. VIRGO ‘(August 23 to Septem- ber 22) Venus offers encouragement to romance-seeking Virgos who are ready to get up, get out and meet more people, one of whom could be that long-sohght scul mate. ‘ 0 Keep the yolks in hard-boiled eggs from crumbling by wetting your knife between slices. - “Save plastic bags that cannot be recycled, and use them to collect food scraps that cannot be composted or , liushed.”—B.M. in New York - “I use double—stick tape to hang lighter items on my walls, since it does not leave a hole, and I am a renter. You also can use it to reduce noise from vibrations. For instance, I used it in my car to keep the carpet lying flat in the trunk.”—J.T. via e-mail ' ' “To soften butter without melting it, warm a bowl that is bigger than the but— ter stick and invert it over the butter on a plate. It’s nice before a meal because it makes a hard stick of butter easier to spread on bread rolls, but not so soft that you use too much.”—- T.G. in Indiana - “That time of the year is almost herel You know, the time when run- ning the heater gives the whole house the zaps. To keep our carpets from giving us static shock, we fill a water spray bottle with 1 part laundry soft- ener and 4 parts water. Give the air and carpet a spritz, and it kills the zaps.”— A.0. in Canada - “Hard-water stains in the toilet are no match for denture tablets. Simply drop one in the toilet and let sit over- night. A quick scrub and a flush in the morning should do it.” -— P.S. in Washington 1 above that are exactly alike? 'spuouiaip to earn; CHAIN REACTION! Take the seven letters printed below our diagram and place them in the circles so that eight four-letter words can be read top to bottom along the connecting lines. All the words will begin with the letter in the top circle. 'iuid ‘euid ‘eiid ‘iud ‘aiad ‘iied ‘llP-d ‘9in are $910M Bur 'Il-IBIJ 0i U91 ‘wouoq 0i dot PARDON MY PASTEBOARDS! The Great Cardu i needs more practice. Can you spot three cards IT MUST BE INFLATION! Can you make this equation correct by adding two punctuation marks? It's tricky! '(amii Buiiiei ueuM) 00:9 = 09:9 'xaiii am on su0ioo 0M1. Amber Waves YUP. GONNA MOWER IN BE THERE SIM? THE SHOP, FOR AWHILE.‘ LIBRA (September 23 to Octo- ber 22) An ongoing problem with a co-worker might need to be sent to arbitration. Get all your facts togeth- er so that you have a solid base from which to make your argument. SCORPIO (October'23 to Novem- ber 21)You are usually decisive about most matters. But you might want to defer your decision—making this week until you get more facts. Someone is holding out on you. SAGITTARIUS (November 22 to December 21) That quiet period is ending, and a new burst of activity creates some problems at the work- place. But things are soon resolved, and everything goes back to normal. CAPRICORN (December 22 to January 19) Relationships could be either helpful or hurtful as you pursue your career goals. You might have to make some difficult choices depend- ing on what your priorities are. AQUARIUS (January 20 to Feb- ruary 18) You might still have some doubts about a career move that could involve a lot of travel. If so, contin- ue to check things out until you feel secure about making a decision. PISCES (February 19 to March 20) Love rules, as Venus continues to exercise her cosmic influence on both single and attached Pisces. New developments might cause you to change your travel plans. ' BORN THIS WEEK: You often think of others before you consider your own needs. You enjoy helping people and would make a fine teacher or caregiver. 1. What was‘ Byron MacGregor’s single claim to fame? 2. Which group released “Never Been to Spain”? 3. Steve Lawrence and Donny Osmond both had hits with the same song. What was it? 4. Name the first No. 1 hit in Amer- ica by Yes. 5. What song contains this lyric: “What are we gonna tell your mama, What are we gonna tell your pa, What are we gonna tell our friends when they say ooh-la-la”? Answers 1. MaCGregor released a spoken word recording of “The Americans (A Canadian’s Opinion),” with “Ameri— ca the Beautiful” played in the back- ground, in 1973. It tells of one Cana— dian’s appreciation for all America has done to help around the world in response to crises. 2. Three Dog Night, in 1972. Hoyt Axton wrote and released the original in 1971, and it’s since been covered by numerous others. 3. “Go Away Little Girl,” released in 1963 and 1971, respectively. 4. “Owner of a Lonely Heart,” in 1983. 5. “Wake Up Little Susie,” by the Everly Brothers in 1957. The song shot to No. 1, even though it had been banned for having suggestive lyrics. Simon and Garfunkel released a cov- er years later, but it wasn’t even close. That sibling DNA in the brothers’ voices just can‘t be duplicated. @2021 King Features Syndicate, Inc. EEHEEHEE EEEEHEEE HWEEEHHE EEHEEHEE / Illustrated by David Coulson The Star GIVE L rum 4 621121 King Features Syndicate, inc. World rights reserved. l. GEOGRAPHY: What is the second largest island in the Hawaiian Islands? 2. TELEVISION: Which popular 19805-90s sitcom featured characters named Sophia, Dorothy, Rose and Blanche? 3. HISTORY: Which country hosted the first Olympics? 4. MUSIC: How many Afri— can—American singer/songwriters have won a Grammy for Album of the Year? 5. MOVIES: Which 1990s film fea- tured a twist contest at a restaurant called Jack Rabbit Slim’s? 6. COMICS: What was the name of the Daily Planet editor in “Superman” comics? ' 7. CHEMISTRY: Which English Chemist is credited with discovering hydrogen? 8. LITERATURE: Hamlet (Shake- speare) was the prince of which country? 9. GAMES: How thick is a puck used in the National Hockey League? 10. ANIMAL KINGDOM: What kind of animal is used to hunt truffles? Answers 1. Maui 2. “The Golden Girls” 3. Greece, in 1896 4. Ten in the history of the awards. Stevie Wonder was the first in 1974. 5. “Pulp Fiction” 6. Perry White 7. Henry Cavendish 8. Denmark 9. 1 inch 10. Figs by Ryan A. Berenz 1. Camp Nou is the popular name for the home stadium of what European football club? 2. In 2006, what two running backs became the first brothers in NFL his- tory to rush for at least 1,000 yards in the same season? 3. Who batted for the cycle against the Texas Rangers in 2008, then bat- ted for the cycle for the Rangers in 2012 and ‘ 15? 4. What power forward from Ger— many was named NBA Sixth Man of the Year in 1991 and ‘92 while with the Indiana Pacers? 5. What Hockey Hall of Fame cen- ter retired in 2005 with 1,249 career assists, second all—time to Wayne Gretzky’s 1,963? . 6. What two college football teams play for the Silver Spade Trophy in the Battle of [-10 rivalry game? 7. What World Golf Hall of Famer and broadcaster was named LPGA Player of the Year in 1976 and ‘77, and was captain of the US. Solheim Cup team in 1996 and ‘98? ' Answers 1. FC Barcelona. 2. Julius Jones (1,084 yards with Dallas Cowboys) and Thomas Jones (1,210 yards with Chicago Bears). 3. Adrian Beltré. 4. Detlef Schrempf. 5. Ron Francis. 6. The New Mexico State Aggies and the UTEP Miners. 7. Judy Rankin. by Charles Barry Townsend MAGIC QUESTIONS! Hidden in the diagram at left are 11 words associated with magicians. They can be read up or down, side to side, or diagonally. The following ques- tions will help you find the words: 1. What appears from sllk scarves? 2. What do magicians wear? 3. What do they shuffle? 4. What is used to bind them? 5. What do they do when tied up? 6. What do they grow from nothing? 7. What do they do to their audience? 8. What can't hold them? 9. What do they cut and restore? 10. What do their assistants often do? ' 11.. What magician was the great- est? 'iuipnoi-i 'IL ‘HSIUEA 'Ol 'sadoH '6 ‘mo‘i ‘8 ‘KiiisAw '2 'SJaMOia '9 'edma 's 'suieuo "v spice '8 'edeo 'z 'smin 'l Page 1 7 . ____-_ King Crossword _ by Dave T. Phipps _A (.0 14 Brownish pur- ca‘iui‘ié’fi‘iim‘é‘lifi'ggigxmais Acnoss 5 7 HAVE LEARNED TO NAG. I 1 "Arrivederci S 33.732323“: I. i123 tool I I I I\) m 0) a. pie 15 In — veritas 16 Corp. boss I 17 Desertlike 18 Nowheresville I 20 Saint Patrick's m ‘\I s I\) . tn to I: _t or co HOCUS-FOCUS "mam... Day event 22 Hide-hair 44 46 47 insert Nine-digit ID 24 Engrossed 33mm II III 57 58 II III. Expert 55 Kismet chair 37 Candle count 34 Granada gold 56 Sparkling 8' Meager 38 Refuses to "Wonder Italian wine 9 Pucciniopera pay Woman" 57 German con— 10 Battery fluid 41 Symbol of . actress junction 11 Eliot's "Adam strength Ea Elm "an 38 Remain 58 Lean-to --" 42 Juanita's am EB 39 Beer barrel 19 Rejection home. B an 40 Stolen DOWN 21 Bat wood 43 Swinging IIEI El 42 Alpine home 1 Answer an 24 Predetermine joints? Emma 23 gasts out' Livitje d :5 Oklahoma city 44 Srive— — win- EEE Emu pera set in o gepo ge 6 Bikini pattern ow Emma Elm Egypt 3 Behave 28 Sgt.,forone 46 WifeofJacob m Elam 50 Guffaw sylla- 4 Quantity 29 Tied down 47 Diminutive EEEI mama ble 5 Scenic route, 30 Mouths (Lat) suffix E 52 Lavish party often 31 Playpen item 48 Burpee buy 3 1 M V J 53 Es 6 Have bills 36 Trattoria des- 51 Novelist Rand El BEE “mam 54 Refiben bread 7 Fallintoa r serfs O O WlShlng S Weir® 8684634632567 LAFF'A'DAY D N T O T A T E L B E 2 3 7 5 6 5 8 6 2 6 2 7 O N N E F C S R V S 0 E C- 3 7 6 8 4 2 4 4 8 6 4 2 l R M P K O .E O A E A C F 6 2 7 3 7 6 6 8 7 8 D H N E R A E E D A L S g- 5 2 6 2 3 2 8 7 4 7 6 7 3 E; H o R M U E L E H I F N c g 8 7 4 4 7 4 7 4 0% L R W A O N A U C l G E E g 8 5 7 8 7 5 5 8 8 E E S O D E N S S D Y O N HERE IS A PLEASANT LITTLE GAME that will give you a a message every day. It's a numerical puzzle designed to spell g out your fortune. Count the letters in your first name. If the number of letters is 6 or more. subtract 4. If the number is less than 6, add 3. The result is your key number. Start at the up- per left-hand comer and check one of your key numbers. left to right. Then read the message the letters under the checked figures give you. “Anyone turned in a snapping turtle lately?” &’ Dogs. by Dave T. Phipps lWAS ONLY BEING NICE WHEN i ASKED ‘ IF You WANTED ME To COME ALONG To YOUR MOTHER’S. N0 ONE’S THAT NICE. oewaseJ slufiu IIV ‘oui 'SJBOIDUAR SBJI'IIEEH fiulsl 120715) 'iuaiaijip are siued :9 'ieiieuis si mg '9 mom 5; JIBH 'y 'nflnnl’. QI Ilntlncl 'K.‘ ‘Illnlflllln SI norm ‘Iflllfillle §I Mnd "l 'Eflflllfllfllllfl ...AND DO You ’ ‘“ KNOW WHAT IT eoT ME? I WORKED MY FINGER; To 1145 BONE FoR YEARS..- ‘rxwwu M iii! 'wi ‘Uims writ-ea Moi was THE Y’LL DO IT EVERY TIME SEQ/ICE-STMON D/AéA/aS/S *7 DOCTOR-NOW THAT YOU'RE THROWH WITH ME, GOMLV I 5L1 PM‘I L'lL WOMEO IN FOR A CHEGKUP? 1T GHOULVN'T TAKE T00 Nil YOU'- YEAH Juar 0121:7111 HOW ABouT A LITTLE FDKEIZ GAME minim-fie Youiz OUTFIT 7055774572, v ' ' M0ViN0?~/'imow AV 547* war we WHo WME? I ACROSS 701/ A9709 WI . WEUJ‘ ‘ r LIKE you ETC-i5 °--- WWW RI “RAM '0 I